I learnt about Coaching through Liana and I got so passionate about it that I decided to get training myself as a Coach here in Brazil and have worked in this field since. Coaching with Liana has been a moment of self knowledge and planning for my life, as well as getting into action towards my goals in life. Liana worked with me in a very light and objective manner which was just excellent for me
The six coaching sessions were a true revelation for me. I din't know what I was expecting when I started the exercise and that it was going to lead me toward making some important and crucial decisions together with tiny change in my life style and behaviour. I am really amazed about the results and the way I have coped with some challenges
I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you for your coaching last year. I've achieved so much with your help - not least in steadily letting go of a mental disorder that was limiting my life. I'm feeling very strong right now. A lot of the techniques you have taught me I'll continue to practise - the food diary is still being written every day! I've taken my career in a positive, life-affirming direction too and started my own business. Thanks again for your invaluable coaching - I don't think I'm being too dramatic by saying in many ways it has saved my life.
Anonymous Client
Liana continually provides encouragement and points out every little step forward, and ultimately I do feel that I have made progress from week-to-week. She never pushes beyond the point that I feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. She has the perfect mix of confidence and humour.
When I started to have Life Coaching sessions I was confused with all the things that were on my mind...Liana has helped me to build up self-confidence and motivation and I am now creating a new perspective for my life
I sincerely enjoyed working with Liana Salvucci. I was able to move forward in the work that I was doing to get my business started, and, on a personal level, start looking at my eating habits and develop a food plan that would work for me. Liana kept me on track in a calm, caring and gentle manner. I highly recommend her as a coach
Catherine Campaigne