Recovery coaches work with clients on issues such as changing a career, starting a business, going through a life transition etc, without substance abuse.

A Recovery Coach does not work on the past but works together with you to identify goals and stumbling blocks in your present which can affect your future.

A Recovery Coaching client is able to identify a goal that is not primarily emotional like “wanting to stop being depressed” (which should be monitored and treated by a trained counsellor or therapist). A recovery coaching client is able to identify and wants to work towards goals, such as actions to take to relieve depression, change diet, attitudes, improve physical health and mental health, leading to a more enjoyable life.

“…When I started to have Life Coaching sessions I was confused with all the things that were on my mind…Liana has helped me to build up self-confidence and motivation and I am now creating a new perspective for my life” Marcia – Sao Paulo, Brazil Book your FREE 45 minute Recovery Coaching Consultation here!

Counsellors give advice, which coaches rarely do. In counselling the counsellor is the expert; in coaching the client is the expert about his or her own life. A coaching client is healthy and competent enough to relate to the coach as a partner and not an expert.

A sponsor comes from a 12-step programme such as the one followed by Overeaters Anonymous. A sponsor benefits personally from the relationship in order to stay clean and abstinent. A sponsor is not professionally qualified to work one on one with a client, except to help clients work and use the the 12 steps programme as a way to recover.

The recovery coach has learned techniques specific to working with clients, ways to understand clients in recovery, different ways of approaching an issue or problem so that the client remains creative and resourceful.

Recovery coaches are not professionals affiliated with 12-step Programmes, but many recovery coaches are actively involved in 12-step Programmes of Recovery.

By hiring a specialist Recovery Coach such as Liana Salvucci you will be able to get personal coaching without having to explain what it means to be recovering from addiction. Liana has had her own experiences with recovery from addiction – this makes her uniquely qualified to work with people in recovery.