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Recovery Coaching Plan
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Food addiction & recovery coaching

achieve a healthy relationship with food

Are you are tired of fighting with food, of worrying about what to eat and how much?  Do you want to finally relax and forget about it, so that this is no longer a persistent daily thought?  Then Eat Sereno is for you. With Eat Sereno you will begin to live your life and achieve the goals that really matter and are important to you. Food will take a back seat because together we will have given it the right amount of attention, but not enough to occupy all of your daily thoughts.

Start treating your body with love

If until now you have mistreated your body, inflicting unfair and extreme diets upon it, subjected it to exaggerated regimes of physical activity in order to lose weight, the Eat Sereno can help you. Firstly, you will begin to reach your ideal weight but above all you will treat your body with the love and respect it deserves, as you begin to admire your physical appearance like never before…


If until now food has been your best friend and your enemy, where you took refuge and where you found comfort, but also a lot of frustration and despair, then Eat Sereno is for you. Soon you will begin to see clearly and what you really want for your life, you will take control of your responsibilities and your goals and food will stop being a crutch.

Prevent relapse into food addiction/eating disorder

If you feel ok right now but want to avoid going back to where you started, or you’re afraid of going back to what you were before, where food addiction became the centre of your life, Eat Sereno is for you. In order to maintain the results you have achieved with so much effort, it is important to have a system that ensures that the recovery continues. Eat Sereno offers you this support system.

Build your self confidence

Has your self-esteem has suffered due to your weight and relationship with food? Have you felt unlike others, feeling that you were abnormal and unconfident because of your relationship with food? Eat Sereno can help you not only with weight loss but improve your confidence and get you back to feeling more like you.

feel great in your own skin

If you’re not feeling good about yourself and you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, or when you look in the mirror you feel bigger or smaller than you really are, then Eat Sereno can help you make peace with your body.  You will be able to admire yourself and be proud, not only of your body and fitness, but of the person you have become through this transformation.