• I have done many diets and I have always lost weight but then I have always gained all the weight and also with the “interests”?
  • I worry a lot about what to eat, how can I lose weight, what new sport to start in order to finally reach my ideal weight?
  • Is there one or more types of food that gives me addiction, namely that when I have a bite I can’t stop and have to finish the package? Almost?
  • Do I feel the need to have a specific food sometimes and I have to have it at all costs, even though I know it hurts me and if I have promised several times that I would never eat it again?
  • Every now and then I find myself bingeing for no special reason, without hunger or anything else, eating large quantities of food that then make me sick?
  • Is my knowledge of diets, nutrition, psychology, etc. of a very high level and despite this I can’t stop in front of the refrigerator, except for short periods?
  • My weight and my relationship with food have a devastating, or at least very big, impact on the rest of my life and on my serenity in general. Has this problem also had an effect on my family or people around me, why does my suffering indirectly affect them too?
  • I am always looking for something to chew, drink etc in order to satisfy the “craving” for food.
  • I am able to achieve my goals in many other areas but when faced with food I cannot understand why I cannot stop and do what I know is good for me

If you answered YES to up to 5 questions, your level is low-medium but for sure you could benefit from a program like Eat Peaceful to help you improve your relationship with food.

If you answered YES even up to 10 questions, your level is medium-high and Eating Peacefully will help you a lot in your recovery and in achieving your goals ..