90 Days to Food Freedom: Transform Your Body; Transform Your Life
The Step by Step – Simple and Practical Formula to lose weight, achieve Food Freedom and live the Life of your Dreams

The proven, workable Eating Disorder Recovery Programme takes you step by step through your own path to freedom from food and body image issues.
Success oriented life coaching empowers people in recovery from eating disorders to start achieving their goals and dreams.

Food recovery coaching can help you if you struggle with any of the following eating disorders; food addiction; compulsive overeating; under eating; anorexia; bulimia; binge eating; failed dieting; yo yo dieting; body image issues; low self esteem; body dysmorphia.

“I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you for your coaching last year. I’ve achieved so much with your help – not least in steadily letting go of a mental disorder that was limiting my life. I’m feeling very strong right now. A lot of the techniques you have taught me I’ll continue to practise – the food diary is still being written every day! I’ve taken my career in a positive, life-affirming direction too and started my own business. Thanks again for your invaluable coaching – I don’t think I’m being too dramatic by saying in many ways it has saved my life.” Anonymous clientBook your FREE 45 minute Recovery Coaching Consultation here!

Book a Complimentary Coaching Consultation and discover how working with a recovery life coach makes it fun and easy to design and live a life you really love while maintaining a healthy relationship with food and your body. Just call on +44 7796 833 905 or send me a message via the contact page.

The Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching Programme is based on action and divided into four components:

1. Reality Check around food and body image obsession

This starts with a detailed Lifestyle Questionnaire to check:

 when and how the disorder or addiction started in your life (very often with a diet)
; whether you actually have an eating disorder or you are just a comfort eater; what else has been tried to sort out the problem
; the level of severity of the disorder.  This is to help you decide whether you are ready for coaching, or if you need to be referred for therapy or treatment, and if so you will be appropriately referred
.  The questionnaire is to help to understand at what stage of your recovery you are, or as Prochaska would say, at what ‘Stage of Change’:  pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and relapse.

During the first session you and Liana will clarify what you want to achieve out of coaching, and you will begin to develop a strategy to work towards your goals.

Short, medium and long term goals regarding food and other areas of your life are established so that the coach can help you to prioritize and identify where you want to start.

Liana will also have you fill in a “Recovery Workbook”, in order to identify other major areas you need to work on.

This workbook includes things like the Wheel of Life and other Coaching questionnaires to help you get more clarity and focus on what needs to be addressed in your life.

2. The Road Map to Recovery

Second, we start working on your goals.
Having identified the main areas that need more attention, we start working on your actual goals for your recovery being based often on issues relating to:

  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Co-dependent relationships
  • Wrong associations with food
  • Lack of vision
  • Low self esteem and lack of self confidence
  • Under or over achieving issues that normally go with under earning or financial insecurity issues
  • Work life balance

Having identified the main areas that need addressing, weekly baby steps will be agreed at every session and monitored.

3. The Unique Structure of your Eating Disorder Recovery

Monitoring results and asking Provocative Questions is one of the ways Liana can increase your level of awareness and challenge you to brainstorm different options available, without imposing any, until you find a strategy you feel confident with and committed to.

4. Sustainability and Maintenance

Maintenance doesn’t just stand for weight loss or weight gain maintenance,  it’s also about maintaining your achievements and recovery on the emotional, spiritual, professional and financial level, and the process of begining to build on acheivements.

 As part of maintenance and to avoid relapse or slips you need to have:

  • A strategy
  • A support system

Lastly, once you have fully implemented and understand your Roadmap, Formula and Structure, you will be able to use them to adjust more easily during any major life transitions. You and Liana will evaluate your achievements, plan on how to celebrate them, and give yourself credit and/or a reward for them, before you move on to your next challenges.

Liana will ask you to write a “Future Letter” about what your vision of your best possible future is, so that you will know what you will be working towards, whether with her or on your own.

To book a no obligation Complimentary Coaching Consultation please contact Liana on +44 7796 833 905 or send Liana an email via the contact page.

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