Life after Coaching

Liana helps people who have done their recovery and are now ready to take the next steps in life. All the energy that was used in the addiction can now be channelled in creating an amazing and fulfilling life. For example starting a new career,  going self employed, relocating abroad, getting married etc.

“When I started to have Life Coaching sessions I was confused with all the things that were on my mind…Liana has helped me to build up self-confidence and motivation and I am now creating a new perspective for my life.” Marcia – Sao Paulo, BrazilBook your FREE 45 minute Recovery Coaching Consultation here!

Recovery Coaching helps you create a strategy (and being accountable for it) towards your professional and personal goals.

Liana’s personal experience in Recovery as well as an Entrepreneur and a mother of three, together with her Coaching Tool Box will help get where you want to get to, faster.

Most of all Recovery Coaching will help you identify and  achieve an authentic and fulfilling vision for yourself, and to take consistent steps toward that.